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Community News and Updates

Water Line Update

Water line broke on Wednesday August 2, 2023. Got it dug up on Thursday and got it repaired on Friday. Water has resumed for watering August 4, 2023. Here are some pictures.

Easement on west side

People have been asking about pictures of the easement, so here they are. Before mowing June 20, 2023 After mowing June 20, 2023

About Bellford Subdivision

Bellford Subdivision Homeowners Association was established on February 6th, 1979, in Grand Junction, Colorado. The association comprises 44 homes within the Bellford Subdivision community. Since its formation, the association has been responsible for managing and maintaining common areas, ensuring compliance with local regulations, and fostering a sense of community within the neighborhood. Over the years, the association has organized various events and initiatives aimed at bringing residents together and enhancing their quality of life. Today, Bellford Subdivision Homeowners Association continues to play an essential role in the ongoing development and management of this vibrant community.

Schools Nearby

Fruitvale Elementary
585 30 Rd
2 miles away, Bus pick up in subdivision

Grand Mesa Middle
585 31 1/2 Rd
.5 mile away, No bus 

Central High School
550 Warrior Way
1 mile away, No bus